BlackBerry Pearl 3 G 9105-There Are More Smartphones Without Touchscreen!

This is basically no big surprise since there are also additional Tatstauren that mostly sideways from push are. Research in motion, short RIM, brings the Blackberry Pearl 3 G 9105 a Smartphone on the market that offers either a touch screen or an additional keyboard. Looks almost as though it were the new BlackBerry phone back to the roots. The bar phone has other qualities that are not to be sniffed at. The BlackBerry OS 5 operating system makes the new model despite the lack of additional opportunity to input to a Smartphone, which can compete with each other.

Emails and SMS about SureType

SureType is the combination of a normal phone keypad with a new kind of T9. This guarantees a more convenient input because SureType is already equipped for the user with an extensive vocabulary. TheSmartphone when first installing knows over 35,000 words. The special advantage of the traditional T9 lies mainly in the Auffassungssgabe of SureType. The word is not yet fully written, da SureType supplies directly the logically following what can crystallise especially for prolific writer as a great advantage. Of course, spelling errors are corrected by the adaptive technology. Able to learn because contacts and names of acquaintances can be integrated easily and more “packages” can be download. BlackBerry is called word lists. Examples include medicine and law and finance and business. Just for those of us who write with T9 the step about the Blackberry Pearl 3 G be very pleasant.

Hardware good average

The processor in the Blackberry Pearl 3 G 9105 serin at 624 MHz. This is absolutely in the food sector, posing what must be however not bad. Is this power to assume like at RIM completely maxed out, arises a quite brisk and pleasant handling. The ease of use is also supported by the very exact trackpad and allows convenient navigation. The 3.2 megapixel camera significantly lags behind the competition because the newer smartphones set to up to 12 mega pixels. With LED Flash and auto focus it has ahead in turn some current smartphones, such as for example the Samsung Galaxy S, something. With the missing Meagapixeln it but not enough for an outbreak in higher spheres. Speaking of spheres, browsing 3 G becomes the special treat thanks to integrated A-GPS and BlackBerry maps with the Peral. Thus you can be gradually exactly at the desired target. You can also use like traffic many other navigation services from other providers. Anyone can study but also about the worlwideweb. HSPDA, UMTS and W-LAN support are ready for this. These offer even more benefits…

Facebook and Twitter directly integrated

Like many other makers to Samsung with the HTC Wildfire puts RIM on the integrated social networks.The two portals can be found in the BlackBerry Messenger and show that it is also about the young generation for BlackBerry. Like all smart phones from the House of RIM, also the Pearl features specifically 3 G 9105 with the extensive Office functions on the business designed. The email push service is also traditional. Mobile surfing a first-class browser available, playing on the Blackberry Pearl 3 G in 1905 is however rather limited. Because of the retro design in the form of ingots, the 2.2 inch display not just big falls. At such a size, the waiver of a touchscreen is quite to understand, since I would probably cover the entire screen with my less slender fingers. Like the classic keyboard under the Smartphones is the design equally retro: plain and simple. If you want to you can the Fund yet to expand functional.


Just considering the retro designs in the form of ingots, sales of smartphones is determined properly stimulated. There are still many users who are still not can make friends with the new touch screen technology. Just for these mobile users, the market died out more and more. As the familiar keyboard system probably one a feast for the eyes. Also with SureType, a good reconciliation seems away from T9 to succeed. In initial tests, such as here on Our site, you is amazed at the keyboard and the new technology. It is very user friendly and has a potential for quick writing, what should be an important argument for the design on E-mailer. It said working the Smartphone cheerfully with and boasting many little tricks and of course the manufacturer RIM. The newcomer without a contract will cost just under €400. Our site  – mobile phones online cheap buy the Blackberry Pearl will offer course 9105 3 G, with the appropriate fare, the merger will bring determined a saving in terms of the purchase price. We can best explore through the mixer. Here you can get free of charge find out about the release of the BlackBerry.