BlipTrack to Remove Traffic Jams in Cities

New smart bluetooth-based technology helps municipalities to eliminate traffic jams. Read here how it works.

Aarhus municipality has recently been characterized by massive traffic jams, due to extensive construction and roadworks.

The many traffic jams is to great inconvenience for drivers, but an innovative and cost-conscious traffic solution, called BlipTrack, can help to reduce the traffic problems in the municipality.

As an extra bonus is expected also to save the commune investment of millions of dollars. Read more about the study here.

BlipTrack is developed by BLIP Systems a/s, which is based in Cheltenham in Northern Jutland. BlipTrack is a sensor based on Bluetooth, and the system’s sensors are placed around the city of Aarhus-URf.eks. on the major routes in and out.

Bliptrack records all cars with lit bluetooth device-such as cell phones and navigation systems. By collecting bluetooth data can measure travel times, warn drivers against traffic jams and delays.

When the sensor detects a bluetooth device, so the data is wirelessly transmitted back to a server, which graphically displays any congestion on the computer screen with the appropriate authorities.

As an extra bonus can also use the data to the municipal road operator advanced traffic analysis as our site can be used to set traffic lights, so drivers hit a “green wave”.

“Green waves” in the traffic light reduces the wait time, minsker congestion and is better for the environment, since the cars fuel consumption and CO2 emissions are reduced.


Better than existing solutions

The idea behind the Bliptrack is not quite new, and there are also already resembled solutions based on video cameras, and other kinds of sensors.

The advantage of using bluetooth technology, however, is that the solution is low-cost, independent of the light and weather conditions, and so it requires minimal maintenance. At the same time, BlipTrack-system can be installed entirely without disrupting traffic, which can be a great benefit in areas with heavy traffic.

In addition to Aarhus so tested BlipTrack solution also in our site.

The data are already in use by Danmarks Radio P4 to inform motorists of possible traffic jams.