Electronic Arts and Its Small Trap for Filling Google Play of Review Positive of Dungeon Keeper

I’m a fan of Dungeon Keeper. Already in its day I missed a lot of hours to Bullfrog Games titles, starting with this fantastic Theme Hospital. The case, when I saw that Electronic Arts announced that it would relaunch the best dungeons Simulator I feared the worst: the mutilation of a classic franchise to the payments within the application service.

I tried to install the application on the tablet and confirmed my fears. Takes seconds to uninstall it but now, a few days later, I discover that Electronic Arts we have so much fondness to Android users who are capable of cheating in the voting of the application on Google Play process.

Your opinion on Google Play, only if it is very positive

Many of you already know that when we take a good while using an application on your phone or tablet, the developed us Spurs with a small pop up to give our assessment on Google Play. Some do it with a simple button where we link to the corresponding site, others force us to make a preliminary score (of five-star) to take us to the app store.

What about Dungeon Keeper? When we get the pop-up of the vote we have to qualify it with a number of from one to five stars. If we mark five, it will send us to Google Play. If we make a four us will send a page of feedback from Electronic Arts.

Everything is said, although there five charting then you can select the vote that we want in Google Play. However, this small trap by EA is highly questionable. You can argue that they want to take care of the customer service and take negative feedback to your field to value it, but what they are really trying to attract only good Google Play so continue to rise.

This type of practice, along with payment applications systems designed to force us to pay at any time, will end up charging a promising business model where the desire to make money will be imposed to the create a good product.

We are sure that some say: clear Juan Carlos, these people eat thanks to the money from these applications. Indeed, and it is understandable. I have shopped in games of this type, but always and When not have forced me constantly or they have cut me directly access. I want to play when you want to, not when the developers believe it is convenient.

This theme, Roberto marked is a super article a few days ago on Engadget. You can create a model that combines having quality content with paying for it from time to time. However, this is not the main topic of discussion in this article. Developers: City users and not forcéis them to do things that don’t want to do. Not censuréis his opinion, estimations are sometimes a bit random but you can learn from a well-crafted feedback.