Europeans Are Wild with Lumia 920

It is popular to preorder Nokia Lumia 920-already sold out in Europe before it has come for sale.

Nokia Lumia 920 has received both rice and praise since its announcement for not quite a long time ago. Now is the device come to advance booking, which has given the tailwind.

The device is according to our site gone on to become a huge success on several markets, which has 920 to pre-order Lumia.

In a number of countries reported that about almost totally sold out of pre-orders at the dealers, other places topper the pre-order lists, and overtakes both Galaxy S III and iPhone 5 on the charts.

According to several Danish sources, then comes Lumia 920 for sale here at home in the middle of November, maybe already on 14.

Some Danish retailers have already started receiving pre-orders of Nokia Lumia 920.