Fred Perry Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: The Style Worker Never Was So Honoured

The new creative lines of Fred Perry they are highlighting especially for being innovative and enough offenders in which the concept refers. Not only are concerned already take a few poles with laurels and a collection that makes the delights of more Mod ’ s. Now premium aesthetics and the firm knows how to satisfy your audience.

For this reason, this new collection of Fred Perry for the season autumn/winter 2012 / 2013, It has the most British worker as its main protagonist. A sober, functional style based on autumn and cold colors that using Add-ins and cuts, manages to convey perfectly the urban feeling that both search.

We started with the parkas and jackets of fabric or cloth. Very simple cuts, seen finishes and in fairly muted, betting on black and dark blue colors. Combinations with shirts and pants tend to be the most common for this type of clothing.

With Cross closure, zipper or buttons, the point is other materials that serve to give shape to this style. In this case we decided to combine it with leather pants and boots of high neck style with treatment of aged worker.

In terms of the variety, found from jackets to trenches, Although to be more honest, the garment star as always has been this firm is the parka. It is simplified and stylized to be made from cloth or point to be able to combine it with Chinese and jeans or shirt.

The colors are not bright. On the contrary, are preferred are off and you opt for white ivory, blue Indigo, Brown and grey that differ from the set by the use of accessories such as belts in leather and more brightly colored.

Cardigans in point style college that stand out with shirts denim style in muted tones.

And of course a of the most varied accessories collection. Backpacks with zipper on buckle in various colors of collegiate style, made in leather and point & #8230;

… either the weekend bags in leather with the laurels as a single print or decorative motif & #8230;

… either in the same combination of military green and leather than backpacks. Multi-compartmented with reinforcement in the corners, closure zipper and possibility of becoming tote bag.

In short, a collection that Freckle be too turned off and sober in their sets but what exactly you are looking for. Off colour palettes, a prioritization of practicality rather than aesthetics and a very careful line set in the British working-class style. Without a doubt, a good option to take into account.