Google Play Is Now Two Years Old and Celebrates It with Discounts on Games and More

Earlier this week we saw as Google Play began to celebrate its second anniversary with the early discounts on music, movies and books, but as expected, today 6 March, date of his second birthday, has officially launched its offers in games with more discounts to celebrate this date.

In Google Play they have created a special section to celebrate this anniversary with offers for a limited time with a selection of games, books and movies with big discounts. In addition, we also find the deal of the day in albums, films on offer to buy from €2.99 and a selection of books at great price.

The games that are on offer are:

  • The Amazing Spider-Man (€0.10, before €6.99).
  • Wreck-it Ralph (€0,75, 50% discount)
  • Order & Chaos Online (€0.89, 65% off)
  • He-man: The Most Powerful Game (€1.69, 33% off and 50% off at the micropayments)
  • NBA Jam by EA Sports (€2.25, 50% discount)
  • M & M Clash of Heroes (€0.89, 80% off)

We also find many offers on domestic purchases of many games and exclusive content. For example in FIFA 14 find a Ultimate Team exclusive tournament, in Dungeon Keeper an enhancer DK top free, and one & Friends, MotoHeroz, World at Arms, Dead Ahead and Asphalt 8 up to 50% discount on their purchases of domestic, to name a few.

In Google Play You’ll have access to all the offers of games, music, movies and books. We hope that more developers are encouraged to these discounts as it has Square Enix with Deus Ex: The Fall.

Congratulations Google Play!!