HTC And Fits Very Well Successfully At The Time In Terms Of Touch Screen Smartphones

Successfully, it seems even an understatement at this moment, because HTC has calculated yet even with such profits for the second quarter. Sales rose so rapidly that you did not come behind the Taiwanese phone manufacturer with the estimate. There are probably rather rare, misperceptions can be read genüsslicher. Sales scarce and whopping 60 percent increased compared with the same period last year.This has a net profit of about €210 million to the result and allows the HTC disciple’s heart beat faster.Enough of the numbers, the smartphones, which only allowed these record amounts are important, not to mention their parents to HTC.

Brand strategy and expansion have their share

These are the two main arguments of HTC’s employees. Of course can not be that into question. What was formerly only available on the asitatischen market as a contract manufacturer makes all honor his name. “High Tech Computer” are the current top models to the desire and the HD 2.

Maybe were just the many jobs of the key to success, it had to deal with the problems of many wishes and realize the best possible result. This is reflected in the hotel’s own models, beginning with Windows Mobile, which mirrored the HTC HD 2 and still the most sought after smartphones will count to Google Android. With the operating system of the search engine giant, HTC has set exactly on the right horse.

Processing and top notch hardware

But not only strategies and expansion lead to such enormous amounts, of course some features need to bring also the touch screen smartphones. What catches my first on the current HTC phones in the eye is the processing that is second to none. Above all the HTC Legend, which is milled aluminium one piece alone. Better you can not dress up a mobile phone or Smartphone, light and robust. But the class, which is reflected in the hotel’s own slogan “quietly brilliant” not only boasts the elegant appearance of sovereign on the outside. The inner values, in this case the hardware, the HTC phones make a complete total package managed. Perhaps, the success was so difficult to forecast in the second quarter. Here on Our site is the talk of 36 percent, which is obviously far below the result. Even that Smartphone standards already long to have HTC HD 2 excels in still, especially the huge 4.3 inch touchscreen display.These are compelling 10.9 cm Bildscirmdiagonale. The successor named HD 3 must be measured with a gigantic predecessors and will therefore probably be equipped with a still larger touch screen. With regard to your Pocket not just an advantage, it can leverage the myriad functions such as camera and video function, or look at. Everything else to the HTC HD 3 can be found here in the 7 mobile blog. The HD 2 is one processor from Qualcomm and the 5 mega pixel camera with the inegrierten 1 GHz clock end still the best possible hardware currently on the market. With the HTC sense interface is still intuitive operation of the Smartphone and is rewarded by high sales figures. It comes with everything what should have a Smartphone.

HTC desire and legend put on Google Android

And that is more than good, developing the worst competitor of the iPhone OS Google Android or iOS 4 with the numerous apps. In the first quarter of this year, the Google operating system has grown significantly and can enjoy a growing popularity. Is why using the facilities of the two smartphones desire HTC legend has been a brilliant move and. In addition, the offspring are like for example the HTC Scorpion, what is expected at the end of this year, with Google Android. Eric Lin, Chief of the public relations Department of HTC, said recently that desire and legend owners may enjoy 2.2 this year on the update Froyo, so Google Android. The HTC legend boasts AMOLED touchscreen, UMTS and W-LAN support and a 5 megapixel camera a comprehensive facilities, including a. For the lovers of the high end is currently the HTC desire available and makes the use of smartphones in addition to phone calls to the enjoyment. The desire is a credit to his name and every wish of the lip reads the user with respect to the hardware: Gigahertzprozessor, 3.7 inch AMOLED display for higher contrast, satttere colors and little battery consumption, HSDPA and HSUPA for high-speed browsing and social networking with StudiVZ, Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Success speaks for HTC

Of course, these smartphones in Germany and across Europe of a desirability, which can for example Nokia currently only require further enjoy. Because just the operating system has become highly salient for the purchase of a Smartphone. Nokia uses its own Symbian, what the standard of users is no longer sufficient for many reasons. Google Android, confident especially in combination with HTC sense and that leads to the thanks in the form of the rich profit with first-class processing and its many features. What user would not engage in a such successful story, as it is to see here on the product page? Of course, there’s the HTC Smartphones at Our site- buy cell phones online. With a proper plan, the user at the premium Smartphone without an additional major expense can enjoy. Pure looking is worthwhile!