Iphone 4-Auch Apple’s New Touch Screen Smartphone Comes In The Blender!

It was, unsurprisingly, also the new iPhone 4 is subjected to the test of mixing. Its previous iPhone 3 G S and the Apple iPad had this extreme test undergo. Popular iPhone 4 fits easily in the industry, like theiPad, that previously had to be demolished. Many would therefore tear the not quite cheap to call without SIM-lock, to be able to keep the Smartphone in the hands of at least and as his own. Tom Dickens of the iPhone 4 of the same painful ordeal as the other white hardware favorites of Steve Jobs undergoes incredibly.

Speaking of Steve jobs

In the new video “will it blend?” with the iPhone 4 can be Dickens and his team’s not take to take the Apple CEO a little on the fun. Initially even the Fopas with the left-behind prototypes not just discreetly after staged for the amusement. Tom Dickens

want to sell then found Apple Smartphone circulating 5,000 dollars in the video to Apple for that on the Internet at that time. A Steve Jobs-double will ne a Funnily enough white stretch limo before. This is interested but less for the touchscreen Smartphone, but rather for the great industrial mixer. Despite the sale of the mixer to the jobs-double, the new iPhone 4 is of course subjected to the test…

Result less surprising

As with its predecessor, the Apple Smartphone and iPad, the result is hardly surprising. However the duration up to the little puny Staubrest. Because I feel personally actually somewhat long-winded than in the predecessor. And although Dickens is extra mentioned, the newcomer much faster is than its predecessor, at least hardware technology. Here on Our site you can admire the amusing video senseless killing. Where the “admire” in this case can be highly controversial. Because Apple maniacs are after complaining the Smartphone, that extreme test must undergo this. Just in terms of which is still not anyone who has the new Apple phone will have, this one already has. It’s a video between tears and a little smirk for the unusual test, as seen in the iPad, what here can be read. Due to the rather high acquisition fee of approximately 1000 euro, you can contact not only the grinning face to such an action. With €1000, a four-person family budget comes loose a month.

Sarcasm at its best

Interestingly, Tom Dickens is held even by its next test with the white Apple hardware. The “Task Force” Apple can Dickens but not really the ultimate test of the iPhone 4 hold. At least one happened on mixer a couple of turns in the result the problems to the new iOS 4, which are described here. As well as already in the previous tests, a nose from the iPhone 4 smog takes Dickens again. At the end of the successful blending praises Dickens yet its new advertised contest ‘Blend my phone Contest’. Who wants to get rid of his old unit should mix it and may was awarded the main prize in the form of the new iPhone 4 with a two-year contract, the bears also Dickens himself. Genaure information can be found here on Our site. With our mixer by Our site , the Smartphones are not crashed, but rather through the liaison with a lucrative tariff. Just the desired mobile phone or Smartphone clean throw to add the desired rate and the result is an appetizing offer for interested parties. Of course the iPhone 4 offers Our site  – buy cell phones online. According to the video jobs a mixer with the name “iBlender” interesting assumption offers coming soon.