Jeans Spring Summer 2016, the Protagonist of Denim Wardrobe

Among the evergreens of the wardrobe there are undoubtedly the jeans of spring summer 2016.Once again the protagonist of denim wardrobe. We discover together the hottest models and the new proposals, the inevitable and fundamental to dealing with fine weather.

Is the head skeleton key of each season, the one that actually put most of our time, even under those circumstances that would require a different type of clothing. Yet we find the way and the opportunity to wear a pair of jeans.

It would be enough just to remember that once the blue jeans were part of the wardrobe “from work”, but today represent an important Chief of the wardrobe, and his success is definitely the convenience and flexibility: just change the other leaders of the outfit to wear the exact same pair of denim pants in circumstances quite different, even in contexts less casual and tend to be more elegant and formal. But let’s colleagues to our site what are the most popular models of the moment and how to match them perfectly.

Without a doubt the most model sported a season is to super slim enveloping the silhouette and that if enough stretch also makes us look thinner, although there are also softer and oversize jeans models, such as pants, big knickers must have of the season. Great return this spring of flared jeans, a model that comes straight from the past, even if on average every ten years tends to return to fashion, but remains among the coolest clothes only for brief moments. This year is also a good time to the palazzo pants, and of course once again those jeans are the best compromise, as well as the denim shorts, which are essential for the summer, to wear at the beach and in town too.

Whatever model you prefer, almost always by simply changing the shoe and replacing the t-shirt with a blouse, a pair of jeans you can also wear them on occasions that go far beyond mere leisure. With a pair of slippers or sneakers to more casual outfits, paired with a pair of ultra for a look more refined. The choice is yours. Meanwhile, don’t miss our gallery at where we have collected some of the coolest jeans, all models on sale that alerted us to the staff of our site.