Michael Kors Leather and Point for The Season Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013

As many of you know, this year we have left the special items reduced to the end, trying to thus take advantage of the discounts and the call ‘Top end’, which in many places is ready to end, but you still have time for those last-minute purchases. Remember also that many traders after the time of sale beginning with the ‘Latest garments’ or the ‘Remains of collection’, where, who knows, the same appears any other part that worth.

In previous special, in addition to the posts of tips, we have proposed our selection in English such as Topman and Asos reatilers, today we end this special with our list of H.E. by Mango. An interesting bunch of timeless pieces designed to make use them this Autumn/winter 2012 / 2013, most of them with more than one fifty percent reduction.

Classic trench

The Gabardine It is one of the basic and most necessary of the halftime period pieces. Perfect because it is right. This model in raw with adjustable cuffs, Since then (before €130, €50 now) investment is worth.

Shirt multirayas

And even if you have more than one, don’t feel like who renew the white shirt as always. This proposed of multirayas plot, Italian collar and cuffs capri, belongs to the Premium line of more special items. (Before € 46, now €16).

Braided knit sweater

For the first days of autumn, and some chilly summer nights, a piece of fine point is always appreciated. This with braided detail crewneck sweater, presented in raw or blue klein, is it more combinable and practical (before €50, now €15).

Chinese slim

Essential throughout the year, and there is not much distinction between seasons. These Chinese cut slim, they present themselves as the undisputed Kings of casual style. You have them in various colors, some trendy as red (previously €40, now €16).

Printed t-shirt

And who can resist this printed cotton round neck t-shirt presented in green, red or blue (formerly €20, now €6).

Jeans without washing

Another of the basic wardrobe wildcards are the Texans. These of straight cut in blue without washing, You can combine them almost with anything (before €50, now €20).

Neck Baker t-shirts

Fits most of the tambourine neck long sleeve jerseys. This model have in various shades, including Orange, fully in keeping with the trends that come. Take them with checked shirts and pants style worker (formerly €26, now €8).

Lightweight parka

Very suitable for cooler days, this light khaki cotton parka, you could wear it with your autumnal looks for casual and carefree key (before €100, €50 now).

Accessories trend

Not to mention that last touch of style always accessories put it, we are left with this in earthy tones skin braided belt (before €30, now €10), or this point woven tie in color toast, also available in black (previously € 20, € 10).