Movizelia, New MVNO with No Settlement and Internet Calls Set to Pay Only What You Eat

There are many people often ask what is the most economical rate, still not possible to give an immediate answer since it depends on the habits of each user by all the small print that exists in each rate, but gradually we begin to see the first rates being without straying too far from the cheapest, the rates fairer receivable only for what you actually consume.

In line with the rate Simyo Pura, born movizelia, a new MVNO with Orange cover that not pay settlement call is not necessary to hire big bonuses of data to gain access to a price per MB below the usual without knowing in advance how much you are going to consume.

Interesting both for those who only speak as movizelia applied to those who sail with a consumption large excesses (below the 400 MB compared with other rates without establishment of call in contract), prices of 6.9 cents per minute, 1.9 cents/MB and 9 cents/SMS mode of prepaid, What makes it a unique alternative lifestyle for card customers.

Movizelia also includes calls for the same price and also without settlement to more than 70 countries. All for one monthly fee of 2 euros and with a online support as main differences with respect to the minimum consumption of 10 euros and the attention to the clienteen Simyo.

A new MVNO that ends with the inconsistency of some operators who while offering MB spare for surfing the mobile internet, claim that consumption is half a real of your users very below. Let’s look at the current rates offer prepaid in Spain to make it easier to know how profitable that can leave you paying only for what you consume: