Night Light Features

Like any infant care apparatus, there are features and price as diverse and varied. Depending on the room and the use you want to do your pilot, you can choose between a light, musical night light, with projection on the walls or ceiling of the nursery, all in fixed or portable fashion (nomad).

Night Light Features

If you’re savvy parents to travel or if you often take your baby to sleep in his grandparents or out of your home, then a wireless pilot and nomadic will probably be the best choice and the best purchase you can do. Thanks to its battery operation, it guarantees easy transfers and total freedom of movement.

At the price, there are no expensive night light whose price is around € 15 for the most basic and the most comprehensive and most expensive pilot easily approaching the threshold of € 80. Again, it all depends on your needs and features you need (projection, humidifier, USB port or download additional songs). To see all of the products tested and compared by Ma-Night-Bebe, please visit our Comparison of baby night lights MVB . Among the additional features that you may encounter, we retain especially the following:

Night Light Features 1

-Automatic detection of voice: With this option, baby night light will automatically turn on at the first cry, the first cry or first words baby.

-light dimmable: this feature will allow parents to adjust the light output of their night depending on location and available to it in the nursery.

– integration of additional lullabies: this option will allow parents to download new music in musical lullaby or connect an MP3 player (via USB port or jack port) to take that baby night lights and lullabies more varied.

Night Light Features 2

-Function programming: the more traditional options! It allows parents to program the pilot to turn off automatically after a period defined in advance. No need to return to the nursery to turn off the pilot through this programming feature: a must!

To find more easily the best model wall light nightlight , automatic, or music for your child’s room, has classified the various night lights to the type of burner available on the Internet. You will discover, among others, in this category, the selection of  mobile pilot and the bedside lamps for children at the best price!

For parents looking to buy a complete model and multifunctional, the solution lies perhaps in buying a baby monitor with built-in night light. In fact, new models all-in-one now offer several capabilities in one device.

Night Light Features 3

If you do not want the hassle of several accessories in the room of your child, a baby monitor with night light, and lullaby function walkie talkie might be the best choice. The brand of games and accessories for children Tomy offers just an audio baby listening to a musical night functionality with integrated lullaby. Sold at a cheap price at all: less than 60 €, it is an excellent choice for parents who want to turn to a global solution without breaking the bank.