Nokia World 2010- Presentation New smartphone Flagships N9 And E7

Next week Tuesday and Wednesday, so the 14 and 15th of September 2010, will take place in London the year’s Nokia World. A special highlight is the Nokia E7 will be presented that is next to a touch screen can be operated with an additional keyboard. Touchscreen smartphones also have a QWERTY keyboard, are currently very popular with manufacturers as also users. It seems an absolute trend to be the current top models in two similar versions appear to be flush with or without keyboard. One example is the current top smartphone from the House of Samsung with the Galaxy S. The Samsung Epic 4 G is available soon, that brings precisely the functions of the Galaxy S and also brings a full keyboard.

Nokia makes it similar to!

Yet not much is known about the features of the Nokia E7. A 4 inch touchscreen AMOLED technology and the additional

keyboard seems certain. It could behave quite Similarly to at Samsung, because like the Nokia N8, the new in-house Symbian 3 is available on the E7. Since one can only speculate about the hardware equipment and no details, it is the Nokia E7 with similar plans could occur so to speak the Nokia N8 with keyboard like the N8. The first speculation would however not necessarily confirm a suspicion of such. But not only the E7 will be presented officially, also the Nokia N9 supposed to be in the spotlight…

Nokia E7 features

As mentioned above is still not much known about the features of the Nokia E7. The sparse yield of features can be found here on Our site. Just then, a large room for speculation remains. The Nokia N8 offers a 12 mega pixel camera as a highlight. Also the N8 will be presented next week with security at Nokia World. Such top resolution camera will be in the new smartphone flagship E7 probably rather not find again. With 8 Megapixels, the camera for occasional shoots would be well prepared. This includes a dual-LED flash to join and some other camera functions designed to facilitate scanning. That is why on the Xenon Flash does not produce in the N8. Pulling out the keyboard, which can be laterally to conjure from the lower housing part is interesting. While the display is aimed up easily, which can significantly facilitate the input and simultaneous consideration of the written. So, the new smartphone flagship E7 but in some areas differs so that the larger touch screen with keyboard or a premium camera user can decide.

Because a comprehensive Internet package with Wi-Fi and HSDPA, and a GPS module and a memory expansion also in the E7 will be with the party.

Nokia N9

The key difference to the Nokia E7 is the operating system. The E7 comes even the Symbian 3 used, which should no longer be the case in future top models. For the upcoming Smartphone-Flaggschiffe, the new companion to become Meego, what will show up directly on the N9. The Smartphone, which always presents itself as a mini-MacBook, to be the first Meego smartphone from Nokia. In addition to the possibility of recording in HD and the usual suspects to Wi-Fi. HSDPA and GPS will appear the N9, also with a four inch big AMOLED touch screen and an additional keyboard. As already in the E7 they placed slightly slanted after pulling out the keyboard. We have already reported here in the blog about the Nokia N9. Here at Our site will also report about the slight tilt of the display. There will be of course the Nokia N9 and the E7 at Our site – buy cell phones online. The Nokia N8 is at Our site  already to have and will cost around €470 without contract. With a tariff, which can be found below the mobile offer, you can save mightily when the purchase price of the Smartphone.

It is worth studying. The desired mobile phone or Smartphone can also combine with the mixer with the desired rate. The mixer then spits out the best possible price for the desired liaison. The Nokia N9 is supposed to have this year. The Smartphone flagship with striking similarity to the Nokia N8, at least without extended keyboard, will probably be to have before Christmas. Finally, the Christmas business is an interesting time for the manufacturer, also for Nokia.