Samsung Extended The Wave of Success With Two New Touch Screen Smartphones

The Samsung S8500 Wave was allowed to serve as the first Smartphone with the hotel’s own Bada operating system. Now follow two smaller brothers named Samsung wave 533 and Samsung Wave 525. Where the description of brothers does not apply to. The two newcomers are divided only on one thing. The twin brother wave 533 with an extra QWERTY keyboard features the other appreciates the exclusive operation via touch screen. A such slide-out full keyboard requires of course also appropriately place, therefore the wave 533 is slightly thicker than the brother. Also a higher weight is anchored with a thicker shell, smooth 16 grams puts it more on the scale and is thus on 116 grams. Not much for smartphones…

The table chocolate plus three pieces

Weighs exactly as much as a sign the wave 525 chocolate, come the twin brother two pieces on top. The higher weight leads also to a wider appearance with 15.2 mm. smooth 4 mm 525’s brother, who must also waive the additional comfort keyboard is slim. Otherwise the equipment packages include the same hardware, which makes it the aforementioned twins. Since recently hot two newcomers just and just wave 525, wave 533 and previously klung in two smartphones of yet the predecessor with. Samsung S5330 wave should be called she previously 2 Pro and Samsung S5250 wave 2. The price for the hardware package can be seen…

Mobile surfing is capitalized

Through the so-called social hub and wireless n invite you on the way the two new touch screen smartphones for surfing. The social hub collects, how in the name already resonates with all information from the social networks,. Status updates and photo uploads, which allows social hub in the numerous networks such as Facebook, Twitter and StudiVZ never lose the overview. With W-LAN, nothing in the way is the worldwideweb, however need to be dispensed via HSDPA high speed browsing. This can unfortunately miss the two nearly identical Wave twins. On the touch-screen displays with 3.5 inch, so a diagonal of 8.1 cm, the visited Internet pages with a resolution of 240 × 400 pixels are easily visible. This resolution of the two waves is not just overwhelming and is provided with such pixel ratios such as the new iPhone 4 and also the big brother S8500 Wave with 640 × 960 and 480 × 800 pixels in the shadow.Nevertheless, the resolution is sufficient. The two Samsung wave twins also reports here on

Cameras and internal memory

Also on the mega pixel battles in terms of camera resolution these two Wave twins do not engage. The Nokia N8 will be waiting as the first Nokia phone with a 12 megapixel camera. In this case, a high resolution worth more. Some snapshots are possible with 3.2 megapixels, the perfect image for the living room in DIN A3 size will be not possible. An additional memory card should also be purchased more frequently use the camera. The internal memory of 90 MB sufficient for any photo galleries with expansion via microSD card are up must be 16 GB, then first filled. With the integrated Mp3 player and my comprehensive music library the gigabytes Fill also.

The built-in radio wave 525 and wave 533 provides additional variety. Already from the beginning of September, there will be the twin Smartphones from Samsung at Our site – buy cell phones online. Here the recommended retail price of €299 per unit specified on sOur site. Those who are interested in one of the two touch screen smartphones, can get on the respective product page on Our site free of charge by E-Mail about the appearance.