These 2017: Fossil Made the Show in Las Vegas

To these, 2017, the famous brand of watches Fossil said he wanted to produce and market 300 connected devices. This amounts to double its production. The manufacturer mainly think of smart watches and trackers.

A Strategy of Economic Expansion

The famous Texan Fossil brand is interested more and more connected objects. Year last already, she launched 140 smart watches, in partnership with famous brands of luxury such as Marc Jacobs, Burberry and other more affordable to the public, like Adidas. This decision follows the acquisition in November 2015, teaches Misfit, known for his skills in high-tech.

The parent holds the Zodiac Swiss firm, specializing in maritime watch. In announcing want to create and commercialize 300 devices, the firm began a challenge: make from simple to double. Who can do more can do less.

A Promising Ad For Fossil

The next brand products are already announced: three ranges to more than differences. , Include “Vapor” who wants to be the first touch watch manufactured by the American company. It contains two features: fitness, which offers a heart controller analyzing the heartbeat (BPM) based on the intensity of the effort; and a GPS. She will prove interesting for athletes daily, high level or simply Sunday

The next two models announced are none other than the “Skagen Jord’ and the ‘Halt’, hybrid watches tactile, finer, with a Scandinavian style. They are, produced by Skagen, a subsidiary of Fossil.

“The last, named” Fossil Q Accomplice “, sells as the finest of the firm connected hybrid watch Richardson

The smart watch will be sold in the vicinity of €100 at, while connected the Group watches, are generally sold at a rate between 200 and 300.