Tips for Relieving Nipple Burns

When getting pregnant, the woman is very happy after all she is generating a new life and soon will arrive in her house a baby for her to educate and take care of.

Tips for Relieving Nipple Burns

However, during the period that the child is very small it is essential that she breastfeed, which can cause cracks in the breasts of the mothers.

What causes the onset of nipple cracking?

For many women, breastfeeding their children can be painful because the nipples start to crack and cracks appear and they can even bleed.

The biggest cause of nipple cracking in the nipples is the fact that the baby does not properly pick up the mother’s nipple because in most cases the baby puts the mouth only at the tip of the nipple, the correct one being that the baby’s mouth surround the entire halo of the breast.

Tips for relieving cracked nipples

The best option to relieve cracked nipples is to apply after each breastfeeding a few drops of milk from the mother and let the nipple dry in the open air. Another tip is to apply in the region a purified lanolin based cream

Women with the cracked nipple the tip is to alternate the chest so as not to leave it too bruised. Keep nipples always dry. Avoid using the protective discs, as they keep the moisture leaving the wound even more serious.

Tips to prevent nipples from cracking

Try to breastfeed your baby in both breasts, so the risk of cracking or cracking the nipples decreases.

At the time of suckling, have the baby take the entire halo of the breast, not just the nipple.

Leave the nipples always dry by using a dry cloth or even a dryer in the cold air position.

When bathing, avoid rubbing the breasts with sponges or brushes, because this part of the body is already fragile and in the period of breastfeeding when they are full of milk the sensitivity is even greater.

The importance of breastfeeding

Although women may experience pain and problems breastfeeding their babies, they should in fact do so for at least the first six months of a baby’s life because breastmilk is the best food for a baby.

Breast milk boosts the baby’s immunity, makes teeth strong, makes children safer, and it’s still a time when the two become even closer.

So if you are suffering from cracked nipples because of breastfeeding, follow the tips above and do not think about stopping breastfeeding your baby.