To Have Smartphone Flagship Nokia n8 From September

The previous information on the launch of the Nokia N8 were rather vague, is now a concrete period for providing the touchscreen Smartphone by Nokia. Already in the Septmber it to so far be that one comes with the new Symbian 3 enjoy what to clean up with the fast frozen Symbian operating systems Symbian S40 and S60. At the time Nokia may call themselves as a market leader, with the throne is but the longer diligently jiggled. The last quarters were all against Nokia and competitors Samsung, Apple and HTC. A loss of those interested and enthusiastic fans became more and more from the steady growth.

In the course of time

Probably now everywhere a very important factor, the Nokia does not meet however with regard to the development of a new operating system for smartphones and touchscreen phones was, at least so far.

With the hotel’s own Symbian operating systems Nokia could reap no laurels in recent months. Not really surprising because of the stubborn behavior with touch screens and the restriction of the extending and Persolanisierens with applications. Especially the use of touchscreens tugs on the nerves of consumers, which one were several en demands due to the Abstmmung of the good operating system for keyboards. Symbain 3 should now close…

Symbian 3 for better times?

Apple and Google show the impressive what can afford the latest operating systems. Perfect Bediennbarkeit, a virtually inexhaustible range of applications in the respective app stores and a good liaison with the hardware packages of smartphones, especially the touch screensmartphones. Symbain S60 can look very relaxed this ease of operating systems of the competition, because with these features Nokia’s operating system can not boast. Were with the in-house operating systems times ahead with this, derziet remain only the crumbs of the cake, leaving the others behind. With Symbian 3, is now a lot better and go again a piece of Nokia. Too big is now at first isn’t it can because everything at once completely onGoogle Android and iOS 4 auholen can. Still annoying double tips to confirm disappear and it comes for the first time enjoy multi-touch with a Nokia phone. But not only these improvements make a highlight the N8, the hardware sounds promising.

Camera and AMOLED

The Nokia N8 is equipped with a 12 megapixel camera with Xenon Flash and thus offers the highest resolution of smartphones on the market. But it is not the first such camera resolution, already the Sony Ericsson Satio has a 12 megapixel camera. Such a camera also duly demands place in Smartphone and ensures that the Nokia newcomer not so slim can present itself as the fiercest competitors to Samsung Galaxy S and iPhone 4. One advantage over both models is deie first-class workmanship of the Nokia N8. The new Nokia phone itself called the Smartphone’s flagship shows can be found in an elegant aluminum case and impresses with excellent Hapitk. In addition to the good resolution with regard to the image making the Smartphone also boasts the recording quality.

Videos are recorded in HD quality and can be displayed immediately on larger formats via HDMI output.Speaking of formats, the touchscreenSmartphone throws a 3.5-inch AMOLED display with in the pan. This resolves with 360 × 640 pixels. The background music with Dolby Surround sound that makes the music a real attraction is quite exciting. Here on Our site
interesting videos and information about the newbie can be found.