Top 5 Bestsellers At Our site-Iphone And Samsung Galaxy s Are.

Cell phones and Smartphones you can lose in the ever-expanding selection is easily in the flurry of new model names and names. Precisely for this reason, Windows in the Windows phone 7 phones sets probably on a simple and easy-to-remember name with famous composers Mozart and Schubert. The Schubert we have already reported here in the blog. Whether these touchscreen smartphones in the thrill of the purchaser on Our site  be classified of course still remains open. At the time can be found in the top 5 in addition to the HTC desire, Nokia 5230 NAVI and the LG GD880 mini also the two current brawlers from Apple and Samsung. But not about the iPhone 4, but its predecessor iPhone 3 G S is current best seller.

IPhone for everybody

My BASE was campaigning, or fluently advertises the iPhone 4ancestors and talks about the iPhone for everyone. The 0% financing is certainly not bad, but the offer of Our site  is more lucrative, as demonstrated here in the blog. The Apple Smartphone is still always contemporary and is priced by the appearance of the successor of course more interesting for those who want to or can not afford the newbie for just under €1000. The iPhone 3 G S is there now for under €600 in the smaller version with 8 GB internal memory.

A processor with a clocking of 600 MHz and Wi-Fi and HSDPA for the high speed surfing the Smartphone offers a 3.5-inch touchscreen with a resolution of 480 × 640 pixels. Thus the place in the Sun would be circumscribed, followed by four more…

HTC desire with new display

The Smartphone seems to make all honor to his name and make many users happy. It leaves almost no wish unfulfilled. More recently some of the features, particularly with regard to the display changes however. Not long ago the HTC desire with an AMOLED touchscreen has been delivered. Due to the high demand of the displays provided by Samsung had to HTC to orientate quickly and found with the Super LCD display. On the size of the touch screen does not change and continues to provide a proper usage and viewing area with a diagonal of 9.3 cm. Cycles the processor with 1 GHz and the camera shoots pictures at 5 megapixels. The at the time everyone popular Google Android to use what 5 do not last at this point in the top comes as requisite.

Nokia 5230 NAVI

The Nokia 5230 NAVI is the cheapest cell phone, what is in the current top 5 tümmelt. With nearly €140 without contract, you can get a good trim package with free navigation thanks to Nokia’s Ovi maps 3.0. The Nokia phone features a touch screen display 8.1 display diagonal with a resolution of 360 × 640 pixels. The bullion Mobile runs on Nokia’s own Symbian S60 and offers a complete Office package. Otherwise even an MP3 player, radio and a 2 join mega pixel camera features. Who want to learn more about the Nokia 5230 NAVI, can find out more here about all the ingredients of the sugary Nokia model.

LG GD880 mini finds its place

The Super flat designer phone from LG Electronics is external high interest thanks to the noble-looking design and the erstklssigem. Not only the exterior convinced at the LG GD880 mini. The touchscreen display is expanded by the addition of scratch-resistant and further rounds out the noble impression as scratched displays more less positively affect the overall picture. In addition to the 5 mega pixel camera with many small sophisticated gadgetry and a nine-time digital zoom offers the LG phone especially with the sleek appearance: throws the GD880 mini in the Pan just of little over a centimeter slim and slightly more than 100 grams. Here in the blog was on the model already reported and the small touch screen cell phone extensively described. This phone is there already something over €200 without contract, what can be seen in the facilities as appropriate. Thus, the top 4 cell phone belongs rather to the lower-priced category, which now will be broken again by the fifth-placed Samsung i9000 Galaxy S.

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

The new top smartphone from the House of Samsung manages just barely in the top 5 best sellers at Our site. This smart phone with Google Android not only properly offers Paroli iPhone 4, but proves to be more than just an equal in a direct comparison here. The use of relatively large plastic and the missing LED Flash are the only two obvious drawbacks of the leanest touchscreen smartphones with under one centimeter. Processing is HES top notch and thus one of the two big denounced cons is discredited directly, using an aluminum body would naturally better stand the Galaxy S. Otherwise, the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S offers all superlatives in the terms of facilities that can offer a latest high-end Smartphone, what manifests itself already in the display technology to Super AMOLED. In a first test, the Smartphone turned out to be incredibly handy and his duties more than just grew. Here on Our site is another test with a very good rating. Our site-mobile phones buy online not only the highlight of smartphone that offers summer, but also the models previously described. The appropriate fare to the Smartphone or mobile phone you can with the mixer quickly find.