Touchsreen Smartphones To Htc Desire More And More Unnecessary Navigation Devices!

At least there is now no new-looking Smartphone that comes with a GPS module. GPS is now even one of the standard repertoire and is still partially upgraded with A GPS. It is understandable that many motorists put on the navigation software into the Touchscreen Smartphone. Finally, you need a mount, which would demand a second for navigation in most cases to the phone in the car. Because the navigation devices must be fixed by mounting in the vehicle. Because it seems only useful to purchase a mount and to kill both birds with one stone.

Samsung Galaxy S

The current over Smartphone Samsung i9000 Galaxy S is the best example of such a combination solution. Is still not to have the car kit Samsung, it sounds but quite promising and offers the possibility of charging in the car with the bracket. Of course,

you can rotate the Android Smartphone in the desired position to guarantee best comfort for the Fahrzeugahlter. As already with many navigation devices, the car kit is attached to the dashboard or windshield via suction cup plain and poignant choice. More about the premium accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S here in the blog can be experienced. But how react to the strong Konkuurenz called multifunction navigation equipment manufacturers?

So far only about 7 per cent, but…

BITKOM poll on which we have already reported here in the blog, around 7% in Germany mobile phone use as a navigation device. Among Smartphone owners this number will be still much higher, what simple and poignant will lie in the increased provision of navigation software and GPS module. Accordingly, an increase in this relatively unimpressive number of users is expected. Finally, equipment be replaced increasingly by new and now it is as mentioned above, almost necessary to purchase a new cell phone or Smartphone without the possibility of navigation. Advertising is of course equal to the next matching word. Eventually some manufacturers implement maps 3.0 as a powerful argument Nokia, its provision of free Ovi above all. There are already numerous models from Nokia, which go directly in the name with the possibility of navigation such as for example, the Nokia 5230 NAVI or the Nokia 2710 navigation Edition. It is also keinesewegs to blame the manufacturers to Nokia that they through the navigation pane from the strong competition to break away.

Manufacturers of approved?

Market researchers now legitimately by declining sales and revenues for navigation device manufacturers.This show but rather allowed and respond to the possessive domain Smartphone rather calmly talk from a supplement, but by no means a transfer of the navigation segment. The TomTom Manager Corinne Vigreux goes even one step further and claims there is no serious competition. The mobile navigation in the Smartphone serve for short trips but not as a congenial partner on the daily traffic chaos. In the end even a new market is, which can be skimmed over the deployment of a navigation app.

Nevertheless, there remains the fear of the free navigation services, all ahead of course Nokia and Google with Google maps. There’s currently massive provider of applications for the iPhone, for example, providing navigation for the Apple Smartphone.

Terminal navigation device

At least it might end as if to engage the manufacturer of mobile navigation devices not on a new path.Finally, the directions from A to B more is nothing special. All provide a Variant to navigate that brings even more as a normal mobile navigation device, whether iPhone, Galaxy S or HTC desire. Of course are the most additional services in smartphones and mobile phones over which a sole navigation device, but not really surprising. And you can absolutely no longer waive a navigation device perfectly, on a mobile phone or Smartphone according to current studies. It is sometimes even so far that an iPhone shows a certain status or to show. The ever-increasing displays of mobile phones and Smartphones must no longer hide behind their navigation devices and already nearly correspond to each other. The Samsung Galaxy S with a 4-inch touch screen is only slightly smaller than many a navigation device. The only way out of the safe and no longer seems dead mobile navigation through special navigation devices of the price, but rather services and services, giving the current consumers certain bonus and added value compared to smartphones promise. As justifiably the question arises, such services should look like?

IFA Berlin

Just held IFA in Berlin have the manufacturer of accepted and presented first services. Including, for example, a lane and a search for the cheapest gas stations in the environment can be found. But we are even quite honestly: how quickly such applications through the various app stores for smartphones will be available should the services resonate! That remains a question with yet unexplained output. In my personal opinion the mobile navigation device soon “via app” will present itself, because eventually the consumer is comfortable and gets all in one with current smartphones. TomTom speaks but of no real competition, but Interestingly offered to connect the navigation device to the phone to use it as a handsfree via Bluetooth. Very good idea I think. The dependency to the mobile phone or Smartphone comes out clear. Here at is comprehensive about the new navigation systems from TomTom, Navicon and co. reported. The referred smartphones with navigation function are all at Our site  – buy cell phones online. Who lies to a Smartphone or mobile phone of this class, gets the navigation device, including and especially the map material update partly free of charge. The new TomTom are the services like HD traffic, weather and just the daily updated information about the cheapest gas stations just over two years and will expire then. To further provide a new framework of cost to the consumer is attached to. Because, a Nokia phone is worth that a lifelong use of the Ovi includes cards. Create a second device only for the additional services, even falling off extra is which also such services as essential rather reserved for daily browsing. Our site  offers mobile phones and smartphones in conjunction with a tariff. In this case, you can save a significant portion of the purchase price.