Yousee: Danes Are Less Illegal

Danes love streaming TV so much that (illegal) filesharing now only sitting on 30 percent of the download capacity of YouSee.

New figures from the country’s second largest broadband provider, YouSee, shows that Danes has developed a taste for streaming music and movies. According to YouSee is seen very clearly in the new trend of traffic patterns on the Web.

During the summer have streamning for file sharing, as it surpassed the traffic type that occupy most capacity at YouSee.

Approximately 38 percent of the YouSees total downloads traffic now consists of streaming services, while file sharing, which previously accounted for about 50 percent of internet traffic, has fallen to 30 percent of the total traffic.

-“Development has come rather precisely one year after the United States, which last year ousted streaming file sharing which dominated traffic-type. And just like there, we must at home expect streaming-the proportion will grow further as more and more people are dropping the DVD and start to rent movies and series on the Web, “said YouSees Development Director Anders Blauenfeldt in a press release from the company.

Yousee has iværtsat a major rebuilding project, which will increase the company’s so-called downstream capacity, in order to imødse the growing streaming.

Yousee expects to invest tens of millions in developing capacities alone during the autumn.

Yousee has, however, also another weapon in the fight against customers ‘ streaming, and it is the company’s so-called “fair-use boundary” to prevent the company’s customers in the stream too much.